On November 9-10 the first all-Ukrainian scientific applied conference for small towns’ mayors will take place by the name: “A Town as a Dialogue.

Four Dimensional Development Modeling: Society, Consciousness, Self-Realization, Subsidiarity”.  
The Ministry of Culture of Ukraine jointly with the Institute for Cultural Policy (Vinnytsia) initiated the conference.
The main goal of the scientific forum is the discussion and practical assessment of Europeans’ best culture transformation practices in small towns. That is where the bigger part of Ukraine’s population dwells. More specifically: infrastructure development, international ties’ establishment, consciousness and cultural levels bolstering. 
“A small town’s positioning in a global context is each time a new invention. Local citizens join expert groups to grasp ideas and consider their own business aspirations during the course of initial research. The task of an expert group is the idea development alongside with finding strategies for its implementation. As a rule, if there is a fruitful cooperation between the expert group, the authorities, and key players, the economic results from this process can be seen in 3 to 5 years.” – according to the head of Institute for Cultural Policies Iryna Frenkel.
The experts from the Institute of Cultural Policy (Vinnytsia) will share their experience on their multi-functional town Zhmerynka pilot project “PLAN Z” development  during the scientific and applied conference. Best European practitioners from Germany, Poland, Georgia, Lithuania, and Bulgaria will come to share their experience as well.  The event’s schedule contains numerous practical seminars and discussions, as well as the presentation of the practical manual, designed by the experts from ICP, “Laboratory of Transformation. Practical Steps for Small Towns”.
Conference Partners: Vinnytsia Regional Administration, Vinnytsia City Council. Organizational Support: “Ukrainian Cities Association”, Vinnytsia regional branch of “Ukrainian Cities Association”, “Art Ukraine”,  German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Goethe Institute in Ukraine, Polish Institute in Kyiv, Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania in Ukraine, Zhmerynka City Council.

Plan The First All-Ukrainian Scientific Applied Conference for Small Towns’ Mayors